Mezuzah from this home. Wrocław, ul. Włodkowica 9

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Mezuzah from this home
Prior to World War II, Poland had 3,5 million Jewish inhabitants. During the War nearly all Jews perished and along with them their mezuzahs, leaving only empty holes behind. What remains are marks; holes and nails which once held mezuzahs. 
The MEZUZAH FROM THIS HOME is a series of new mezuzahs – bronze casts of mezuzah traces that comemorate the Jewish lives of pre-war Poland.

Wrocław, ul. Włodkowica 9
The original pre-war mezuzah with a parchment inside was found in the building of the Wrocław Jewish Community on the doorpost of the kosher food magazine. This mezuzah is one of the few known pre-war mezuzot in Poland, which still contains a scroll and remains consistently since affixing more than 80 years ago

Designer: Mi Polin
Material: Bronze
each box includes:
– bronze mezuzah
– photo of the mezuzah trace
– booklet dedicated to each mezuzah with photos and story about the address where it comes from

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